Aleph Molinari’s Idea to Close the Digital Divide

The other day I was updating security patches on a new Windows 8 laptop as part of my internship at my friendly neighborhood library. As I was waiting for that KITT-like status bar to stay all the way to the right, I would glance down at the iPad that displayed an article for school or check my ‘Droid phone as it alerted me to a new message. There I was with 3 three different types of connections to the internet at my fingertips. Not that I ever take such extravagance for granted, but it was such a stark reminder of the Digital Divide, that I had to Tweet about it.

I ran across this video recently and I wanted to share it. I first started hearing about the Digital Divide when I started grad school. Before then, the idea that people don’t have access to the internet was foreign to me. This is coming from a man who used a typewriter for papers until his junior year in high school. The internet was met with resistance in my house growing up and we let the bandwagon get quite a head start before we jumped on. At the time I thought it was just an obstinate mom that prevented me from the internet. It didn’t dawn on me that we were afforded the opportunity to make that choice. Billions of other people don’t even have the choice.

So please take 10 minutes and see what Mr. Molinari and his folks are doing to combat that. Who knows, in the future, your own friendly neighborhood library could be the site of similar programs.


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