Digital Editions and Previously Authorized Computers Redux

This is an update for this entry. I got on a roll with reading physical books over the last few months. When I tried to download an ebook, I realized I still had a problem actually transferring the file from Digital Editions to my Nook. A shiny new error popped up: User Not Active. While I could plug in my Nook and open up the file via Digital Editions while it was connected to my laptop, when I ejected the Nook that pesky error book blocked.

So I did a little research and found out how to resolve the issue. Since I didn’t actually figure it out on my own, as the great Jesse Ventura used to say: “I give credit where credit is due”. Here’s my source:

And here’s a step-by-step guide (complete with pretty pictures!) on what the dude was talking about.

Make sure Digital Editions is closed.

Plug in Nook.

Click <Open folder to view files> option when the <AutoPlay> dialog box pops up.

Hold down the <ctrl> keyand right-click both the <.adobe-digital-editions> and <Digital Editions> folders.

Click <Delete>

Click <Yes>

Click <Yes>

Click the <USB> icon in the task menu

Note: it’s the icon on the far left of the screen shot below

Click <Eject NOOK>

Unplug <your Nook>

Plug back in <your Nook>

Click <X> because you don’t want any of these options

Open <Digital Editions>

Click the <gear button> to the right of <Devices>

Click <Authorize Device…>

Click <Authorize Device>

Now you should get the box below. If so, you’re ready to move files from your computer to your Nook once more! If you still can’t, try running through the instructions once more. If you still can’t go to the BookClubs site mentioned in the link at the top of this post and see if there are any other threads that can help.



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