SD Card Readers

From time to time a patron comes into the library with a digital camera and wants “to get the pictures out of this thing”. Most digital cameras come with a USB cord that can facilitate such a transfer. In those cases, the patron can simply plug camera into the computer and it’s treated like another drive. From there it’s a simple matter of copying and pasting the pictures to a USB drive or, if there are just a few pictures, to email them to whomever they wish. Then there are the times when the patron doesn’t have said cord. Enter the SD Card Readers.

With these handy little devices, I can help the patron “get the pictures out of this thing”. All I have to do is take the SD card out of the camera and stick it in one of the ports in the SD Card Reader. I’ve run into issues with card sizes, though. Some of the older digital cameras have odd SD card sizes and even though the two SD Card Readers the library has can accommodate numerous sizes, it can’t hope to satisfy all requests.

I know this is a particular case, what, with smartphones able to post pictures to social media sites, text them, or even email them thus rendering the need for a USB cord moot. But that’s what the library is for: helping those folks in technological trouble. Or, if not trouble, helping those folks that are flat out lacking technology. Nary a day goes by that I don’t hear about someone’s lack of home computer or smartphone. As alien as it seems to me to be in that situation, it’s the truth for quite a few people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if newer models of digital cameras mimic the smartphone’s ability to upload directly to social media or email. But even then there will be folks with older models that need help getting pictures off their camera. And helping them with card readers and USB drives (Wilmington has those for sale) is another one of the non-traditional libraries provide.


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