Windows AutoLogin

If you’re like me you have multiple users on your public PCs. For those that are using a user management software, you want to have a certain user log on to initiate the connection with said software. It’s something I didn’t even consider until I had to rebuild one of mine. So I thought I’d share the wealth and pass along the instructions.

  1. Click Start
  2. Type run
  3. Hit enter 
  4. Type netplwiz
  5. Click OKScreenshot of Run
  6. Uncheck users must enter
  7. Click OK on the User Accounts dialog box Screenshot of user accounts
  8. Type Public (or whatever log on you use for your public PCs)
  9. Click OK on the Automatically Log On dialog boxScreenshot of account
  10. Click OK 
  11. Reboot to make sure the changes took effect

Note: Obviously this won’t work if you have a password assigned to your Public account needs a password. However, from my experience libraries usually have the aforementioned user management software that passes the logon/password duties on to the ILS. But if your library doesn’t please let me know!


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