A Few Bites of the Apple

Image of MAC and PC logos

Image Courtesy of Deviant Art

We have one public computer of the MAC variety. It doesn’t get much use because the majority of our patrons aren’t comfortable enough with technology to brave the orchards of Apple. To be fair we’ve not done a fantastic job at letting people know what it can do and how to do those things. So that’s on us. Or rather: me. Most of that is due to my own unfamiliarity with the iOS. but I’m learning. Take this issue I had with Open Office last week.

I was troubleshooting a printer error and wanted to see if it was an application issue. So I tried to print something from a browser. When that didn’t work I tried to print something from Open Office. Not only could I not print, I couldn’t even open the blasted application. I kept getting a Restore Windows dialog box, yet no matter what button I pressed (restore or not) it had no effect. Googling the error is when I learned that Windows and Apple aren’t so different after all.

There’s something called a Saved Application State, which sounded a lot like a lock file to me. I thought, no problem, I’ll just go ahead and delete that file and I’ll be good to go. The only trouble was, I couldn’t find the Library folder that contained those state files. Enter the nefarious hidden menu.

I thought it was annoying how Windows hides folders and files. Apple seems to have one-upped them by hiding menus. The library menu is located in the Go menu, but only if you hold down the option key first.

So a valuable lesson I learned was that if you know how to do something in Windows, there’s most likely an equivalent in iOS. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.


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