Unpacking a Cube 3

Picture of the Cube 3 and all the accessories

On January 2nd, the library’s Cube 3 3D Printer arrived.


I had previously played with a loaner. But that was a Cube 2. So with the shiny new Cube 3, comes a wee bit of a learning curve, even if you have experience with a Cube 2. Here are a couple of hiccups I ran into before I could print my first object.

Manual Leveling

(Update: This section ended up being bologna. See the correction here: https://bradmckenna.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/wherein-i-admit-a-mistake/

It’s of the utmost important that the print plate be level. When you’re dealing with layers 200 microns thick (0.008″) even the slightest tilt could wreck havoc on the print job. Luckily, the printer comes with an auto-level feature so you don’t have to do it by hand. Unluckily, it didn’t work for me.

The touchscreen gives you instructions on which screws need to be loosened and by how much. So I followed the instructions and tried the auto-leveling again. No Luck.

Cube 3 Print Plat Screws

The 3 screws that hold the print plate in place.

Then I realized that the instructions were a wee bit off. For example I had to turn screw A (top right) 1/4th of the way and then I was told to tighten the screw. I followed that up with turning screw B (bottom) 3/8ths of the way and then tightening that one. But wasn’t the tightening just undoing the loosening? I decided to just do the loosening part of the instructions and that worked like a charm.

So off I went to print. Or so I thought…

Temperature Error

I had connected the Cube to the same wireless network that my laptop was on and sent a print job wirelessly from the Cube 3 software. The printer kicked into action and I waited for the print heads to heat up. Turns out they heated too much…or not enough…I’m not sure which. I only know that I got the following error before the job gave up the ghost:

Temperature Error Code T22 20 degrees C

Here are the steps I took to resolve this one.

  1. Reboot the printer (It’s amazing how often a reboot clears up an error, no matter what type of device is being irksome). Nope.
  2. Tried to run the test print option on the machine. The thought being, perhaps the printer needed to run through this test print function to configure something. No dice.
  3. Unloaded/Reloaded the left cartridge. Did it misload somehow? Interestingly enough, I got a message saying the print jet was priming. I didn’t get that the first time I loaded it. Still, nothing.
  4. Unloaded/Reloaded the right cartridge. This one primed for the first time as well. Eureka! 
Picture of the Cube 3 test print object

Marvin has something to say

After printing that, I printed a Green Lantern Ring. Because if you had access to something that could print the most powerful weapon in the universe, wouldn’t you?


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