Wherein I Admit a Mistake

Last week, I outlined a pair of problems I was having with the Cube 3.  (https://bradmckenna.wordpress.com/2015/01/11/unpacking-a-cube-3/)  Well it turns out I forgot to mention a third: me.

Remember that manual leveling I did? Well, my assumption did, indeed, make an ass out of me. My success was nothing more than serendipity. The screws are strong magnets that attract the print plate with such a force that it nearly slams into place. Each impact must have knocked the leveling out of place. And so when I leveled it in my erroneous manner and then put the plate down, I undid the leveling. So re-examined what I was doing and found my mistake.

The Screw with comment of what's the screwscrew is the disc and NOT what you loosen with the allen wrench. That “screw” is beneath the disc that holds the print plate in place. So when the screen tells me to loosen the screw with the allen wrench it’s talking about the one beneath the disc. Then I have to turn the disc whatever crazily small amount, before tightening the screw to lock the disc in place, thus preventing the jarring impact of the print plate from messing up the level.

Once I figured that out, the plate was staying level. The z-gap, however, is another story. That’s the space between the ink jets and the print plate. That gap must be small enough so that the ink jets lay down the filament on the plate but not so small that the jets scrap and get stuck on the plate. We’re talking less than 3 millimeters. That’s tough to do manually. But after much trial and error I got it right and was able to start printing again. As long I used a Mac.

The cube software is not playing nice with either of my Windows machines. But that’s a blog for a different day.


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