Why Won’t My Cube Print Now?

(Or adventures in Trial and Error)

As much as it pains me, I don’t get to play with the Cube all the time. My job requires I do other things. So I can go days without touching the printer. This time the break, well, broke something.

Periodic Auto-Level

The guide recommends you perform the auto-level function after every 10 prints. Though, I think that means after every 10 attempts.I know it hasn’t been 10 prints since my last auto-level, because I’ve only printed a total of 5 prints! That said, I had no problem with having to performing the auto-level, provided it, y’know, actually works. Naturally, it didn’t and a-manual leveling I went.

I’ve got to say, I’m getting quite adapt at the whole manual level thing.The manual z-gap, though, is a different story all together.

Uncle Lefty

The z-gap is tough enough as it is but the fact that there are two print jets make it that much tougher for my feeble little mind. They provide a thin piece of plastic that you need to put on the print plate during manual z-gap leveling. You then adjust the plate by fractions of a millimeter until the plastic strip can no longer move unimpeded. But you must take care not to close the gap too much or the the print heads will gouge the print plate (and most likely do serious damage to itself). So I did this and it still wasn’t working. Then I reread the guide and it said that I need to measure the z-gap using the left print jet. Apparently, they’re not the same. So once I did that…it still wouldn’t work.

Bad Cartridge, Bad!

Recalling my need to unload and reload the cartridges to get them to prime, I tried that again. But still didn’t have any luck. So I thought I’d remove that individual cartridge from the equation and I swapped it out with another one I had. And wouldn’t you know, that worked! I then printed a heart shaped box. No, not the one Cobain had in mind. This one:

The two pieces of the heart shaped box, with a Hersey Kiss inside for scale

The 2 pieces before

The Heart Shaped Box Together

The 2 pieces after

While it’s all well and good that I was able to print after swapping out the cartridges, it didn’t resolve the original issue: I can’t print using the black cartridge. But the answer to that issue is for another blog.


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