Computers in Libraries Conference: Day 3

Welcome to the conclusion of the Bionic Librarian’s CIL recap. I did more live tweeting than note taking on this day. So that, paired with a group of sessions that I wasn’t as enthusiastic about, lead to fewer notes. So without further ado…

Redefining a Corporate Lib w/ a 3D Printer

Presenter: Theresa Dillon (Team Lead, InfoDesk Services, The MITRE Corporation)

While I don’t work for a corporate library, I thought it a good idea to see how another library rolled out their 3D Printer. I was pleased to find we have been following a similar path.

  1. Here are the rules they developed for using their 3D Printer
    1. It’s on 1st come first served basis. The patron also needs to write down estimated end time so next patron knows when it will be free.
    2. No cost to user. Though they may change this as their filament runs out. We’re of the same mind.
    3. No weapons or objects covered by ©
  2. They found the details are lacking on small objects. Since they are using a Makerbot and we’re using a Cube, it’s good to know that the problem isn’t a manufacturer problem…I guess.
  3. The best thing about this session was a list of resources:
    1. Free Repositories:
    2. Free Cad Apps

Transforming Tech Training Services

Presenter: Brandy McNeil (Associate Director, NYPL) & Steven Deolus (Program Coordinator, NYPL)

I’m always looking for tech training tips. While this session had some good ones, I was actually a little jealous of their budget. They were talking about sweeping changes across 84 locations of the New York Public Library systems, which is 83 more locations than my library has…

  1. They have “Open Tank” sessions twice a year where the staff just sits and plays with technology to learn about it and figure out how to train on it.
  2. They have training videos, which we have, but in the stead of an all encompassing video, they just show how to do a specific task. E.g. check out an eBook. I can see how this would be handy for patrons looking for some quick help.
  3. They have an evaluation form for patrons to take before signing up for a class. Nothing’s worse than getting to a class and finding it too fast or too slow. Well, ok, I’m sure there is plenty worse than that. But it’s still mildly annoying…

Some Tweets!

So the last 2 sessions of the day were a panel on How 3 Academic Libraries Are Using Technology and How 2 Public Libraries Are Teaching Technology. My notes for these two are pretty much useless. But I did tweet a bit on them both. So here are a few tweets from them:

Academic Library Session

Public Library Session

And that’s all folks. Thanks for reading. I hope you found it useful or at least mildly interesting. As always, please comment if you notice anything amiss. I’ll be returning to my weekly Sunday posting schedule (a schedule I admit isn’t always kept) this Sunday. The topic will most likely be my first experience with a patron designing their own 3D object and printing it right at the library.


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