Automatically sort Imported Pictures

Phone Camera Capturing a Sunset

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A lot of patrons come in asking to move pictures from their smart phone, which has but a wee little drive, to their laptop, which has a Brobdingnagian drive. But for folks that have hundreds of pictures, it’s not very useful to have all the pictures dumped in one folder. Mostly because the creation date of the post-imported file becomes the date of import and not the date taken.

Luckily, Windows has thought of this.

1.) Plug your phone into the USB port

2.) Open Windows Explorer (If autoplay option doesn’t come up).

Note: In Windows 7, you still have a Computer icon on the desktop by default. In Windows 8 it’s called This PC and isn’t on your desktop by default. In that case, look at your taskbar. Is there a folder icon? Great. Click it.

3.) Right click the drive that connects to your smartphone

4.) Click Import Pictures and Videos

Import Photos Menu Option

5.) Click Import Settings

Import Settings Dialog Box

6.) Click Date Created + Tag to have the import process create a folder for each date created value and stash the pictures taken on said date in that folder.

7.) Click OK

Date Taken Import Setting Option

8.) Click OK

New Import Settings OK

Windows will rescan your phone for pictures.

9.) When it finishes, type  a tag name

10.) Click Import

Tag and Import Option

You can skip typing a tag if you don’t care about tagging the folders. The tag could help you catalog your pictures later, but honestly, the most important part is choosing a Date Taken option in step 6, that’ll give you at least a little bit of cataloging help.

Besides, as you can see from the screenshot below, the tag is applied to all folders. Unless I’m missing something, this import method does not allow you to create a different tag for each data taken value.


And that’s it! All pictures taken on any given date are stored in the same folder. If anyone out there has a better way of doing this, please let me know!


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