Getting Rid of the Windows 10 Flag

I ran into my first Windows 10 upgrade problem recently. While the incredible claim of the upgrade being free has yet to be disproved, that doesn’t mean everyone gets an upgrade. When you reserve your upgrade it not only put you in the queue but also validates your device for compatibility issues.

Get Windows 10 Flag

The Flag

If an issue is found, you don’t get to upgrade. And this is the issue I ran into. Granted, the PC was Dell Optiplex 740, which was made way back in 2009. A PC that old is going to have trouble keeping up with the websites nowadays but that doesn’t mean it’s a glorified paperweight. It can still be used. And I will do so. But I got sick of that little Get Windows 10

flag near the time taunting me. So I removed it. Here’s what I did.

1.) Right click The Flag

2.) Click Go to Windows Update

Go to Windows Update

3.) Click the View update history option on the left

View Updates

4.) Click the Installed Updates link at the topView Installed Updates

5.) Click the update numbered KB3035583 

6.) Click the Uninstall button at the top

Uninstall Updates

7.) Click Yes to the Are you sure… dialog box

Are you sure?

8.) Wait whilst the update is uninstalled


9.) Click Restart Now

Restart Now Button

10.) Wait, again, as the new configuration is applied

Windows Configuring

Viola! The pesky flag is no longer flying.


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