Examples of Print Times

While there’s no exact way to tell how long an object will take, a good guide is the height of the object. The higher the object the longer it will take. Additionally, the density is another indicator. The Cube has 3 density levels:

  1. Hollow
  2. Strong
  3. Almost Solid

The more dense the object the longer it will take to print. The examples below were all Strong.

Screenshot of a tree bookmark in the Cube softwareTree Bookmark
Width: 62.89 MM
Depth: 102.64 MM
Height: 1.15 MM
Time to print:  0:30

Screenshot of a cupcake in the Cube softwareCupcake
Width: 26.61 MM
Depth: 26.61 MM
Height: 40.42 MM
Time to print:  0:45

Screenshot of a heart shaped box in the Cube softwareHeart Shaped Box (2 pieces)
Width: 101.52 MM
Depth: 45.94 MM
Height: 36.96 MM
Time to print:  2:20

Screenshot of a Rook (chess piece) in the Cube softwareRook
Width: 47.63 MM
Depth: 47.63 MM
Height: 79.69 MM
Time to print:  3:45


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