Some More 3D Printer Notes

3D Printed Ghost from Pacman

There are ghosts in the machine, perhaps?

Software Not Finding Cube

Usually opening the Cubify software will turn on the Cube itself. But not always. The most common error is the computer running the software and the Cube not being on the same wireless network. Of course if you only have one network, then the most common error would be the computer isn’t connected to the internet for some reason. However, sometimes that’s not the problem.

If your Cubify software is having trouble connecting to the Cube, then I’ve found it useful to close down the software, turn on the Cube, and then reopen the software. This goes against the normal process of the software turning on the Cube, but for whatever reason I’ve found it works.

Temperature Error Revisited

I got this confounded error again recently. I’m thinking this may be due to a job being finished but I let it sit there for a while. I forgot about the job (the danger of it taking so long to print something) and went to lunch. When I came back I thought I’d kick off another job, but got that temperature error.

The last time I ran into this, un- and reloading the cartridge did the deed, I tried again. This time when I took the print jet out of the printer, I nearly burned myself. The nozzle was hotter than I’ve ever felt it. So I left it out of the printer for 20 minutes and then reloaded it. No luck.

Next I turned the printer off for 20 minutes and tried again. Still nothing.

The last thing I tried before leaving for the day was to plug it into a different outlet, since upon returning from an offsite demo, I plugged it into one different from the one I normally used. That didn’t have any effect, either.

When I came in the next morning, I tried just sending a job and wouldn’t you know it, it worked. So I’m thinking the issue was just leaving the printer on too long. I’m doing more research on it, so if I find a definite answer I’ll update this post.

Removing a Cartridge Manually

The “correct” way to load/unload cartridges is to go through the menu sequence on the computer. But if you ever run into not being able to do that and need to take out the cartridge, the Cube will, indeed, allow you to do it without going through the sequence. I’m not sure I’d recommend doing it. I suppose it’s like yanking out a USB drive without ejecting it; 99% of the time it’s fine, but there’s a chance it could really mess things up.


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