May the 4th Be with You Trivia!

Star Wars Day Trivia Cover Sheet

Most people go through life hoping to leave their mark. I hadn’t thought I was one of them, until May 4th 2015


What Floor, Please?

Libraries are always searching for programming. Two winters ago, y’know the one where Boston was magically swept away to Siberia, we were planning for Spring. Nay, we were hoping for Spring to get here and melt the roughly 9 million cubic tons of snow. Well during one of these sessions in the igloo formerly known as the library, I mentioned something about May the 4th. I was met with a row of blank stares. To their credit they didn’t assume I didn’t speak Spanish and suggest I might have meant Cinco de Mayo. And that’s when I outed myself as the dork I am.

See, for those 2 of you out there that don’t know, May the 4th is Star Wars Day. Get it?May the 4th Be with You.  May the Force Be with You. Funny, right? Clever? No? 



Kylo Ren Cutout

That book better not be overdue…

My point is, we held a May the 4th Be with You Day last year. It came complete with displays of books and movies, life-sized cutouts that we encouraged peeps to take pictures with and then raffled off, and I threw together some trivia. The last one permanently branded me as not just a dork but also a nerd.  Oh, well. At least it wasn’t like I was trying to hide it.

It went so well, that it was assumed we would do it again this year. I thought it was just a one-time thing. The Force Awakens came out last year and I thought the timing was right. But when we were planning for Spring this passed winter, one that mercifully kept us away from Siberia, everyone looked at me when we got to May. So I bought more cutouts and updated my trivia sheet.

That last one is why I’m writing this blog entry. I wanted to share my trivia with everyone. Since librarians steal ideas from one another all the time, I wanted to make it that much easier for any librarians reading these pages to rob me.

Here’s the pdf of the questions:

Here’s the pdf of the answers:

Here’s the pdf of the answer sheet:

I created them in PowerPoint and then saved them as pdfs so that they could be displayed in, and printed from, a browser. If you’d like copies of the pptxs so that you can tweak anything, just email me at and I’ll send ’em over to you.

And that, dear readers, is how I left my mark on the library.


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