Asking for Password in Outlook

Outlook pre-2016 IconMy library recently switched to Office 365 email. I took the opportunity to move those few folks using Thunderbird to Outlook. There’s nothing wrong with Thunderbird, it just made my life easier to have everyone using the same client. Naturally, I invited a couple of problems into the library.

Won’t Stop Asking for Password

The first one was Outlook repeatedly asking for the user’s password. Since some passwords are fairly strong, at first I thought we were just mistyping it…repeatedly. But when I had her log into her email via the browser and she was successful on the first try, I knew it was something more than that. Turns out the Outlook client needed an update.

Thanks to some help at the central site, I was told that some clients aren’t properly handshaking with the server and the resolution was to update to Office Sp2. Once I did that, Outlook finally accepted her password. The funny thing was that everyone is using Office 2010 but only a couple of PCs needed the service pack.

Won’t Keep Asking for Password

So on the flip side of the coin was the user that wanted Outlook to ask for her password every time she logged in. Since her PC is used by pages for projects, she didn’t want one of them to accidentally (or on purpose, perhaps) open her email and be able to read it. Make sense.Outlook Setting: Always prompt for logon credentials

The normal process is fairly easy to do, though buried deep:

File –> Account Settings –> Account Settings –> Change –> More Settings –> Security and then Check the Always Prompt for logon credentials box

But for whatever reason, that change didn’t stick. After finding the solution, I think it was most likely due to the fact that during the initial setup the Remember Password box was check and so that setting took precedence. Fortunately, after some digging, I found out what setting needed to be remove.

In Windows 7 I’m sure it’s something similar in Windows 10):

  1. Click Start
  2. Type Credentials Manager 
  3. Click on the app
  4. Click the down arrow to the right of the Outlook entry under Generic Passwords
  5. Click Remove from Vault

Remove Outlook Saved Password via Credentials Manager

Now the user will be prompted for her password every time. One HUGE caveat, though, this setting seems to only prevent the sending and receiving of new email all emails in the client will be readable. So it’s got a limited usefulness.


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