Nook Book Locked

Nook with "Don't Panic" on the screen

Img Source: Wiki Media User Dhbillings

We wanted to load our Nooks with the schools’ Summer Reading titles so that kids would have the option to check out an eReader if the print books are unavailable. So we purchased them and then went to sync the Nooks only to find they hadn’t been touched since last Summer Reading. So we had to charge them over night.

When I came in in the morning, I connected them to the wi-fi, tapped the sync button, and then watched as the first page of books were downloaded. I waited a bit, then turned off the wi-fi to save battery life. When I went into the first book to verify it downloaded OK, I got a message saying I have to put in the credit card number associated with the account and the name on that card in order to read the book. As you can imagine, we don’t intend to give out our Teen Librarian’s credit card info. So I had to find a way around that. Turned out it was easy. Just turn the wi-fi back on.

It seems I jumped the gun turning off the wi-fi. Not only did that annoying message pop up but not all the books were downloaded. After turning on the wi-fi I tapped the download button on those titles that needed it and then tested a random sampling of the titles. Sure enough, they all allowed me in. So I turned off the wi-fi and tried again. Success!

Moral of the story: patience grasshopper. Check each page of books in your library and tap any Download buttons that appear before turning off the wi-fi.

Addendum: it seems that not only can you not use a line of credit or order by PO for digital content, it won’t let you place an order unless you have a credit card associated with the account. Even if you have enough in your gift card to cover the purchase. Tres annoying, that.


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