3D Printing Success Story

The library has had the 3D printer for over a year and a half. Folks have long shown not only interest in but also wonder at the technology. Lately, though, interest has hinted at use. Actual functional use. So, I’m pleased to present the first success story of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Cube 3 3D Printer.

A fellow made a reservation so that I could show him how it works and how to use it. It took exactly 3.14 seconds for me to realize this dude was way smarter than me. You see, his interest was to print thumb nuts “to hold secondary mirror mounting vane assembly in place within the main optical tube” for a telescope he had picked up. He had plenty of experience in CAD, so after showing him the printer and the software, I got the hell out of his way.

Check out his write up on the experience. It includes a very thorough, and technical, explanation as well as pretty pictures and even a video of the printer in action. Here’s the link: http://dreamlight.com/3d-printing-missing-thumb-nuts-to-refurbish-a-telescope/ 


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