Lights and Levels

Quick return trip to 3D Print Land…

Since Marvin (our 3D printer) has been busy as of late, the screen started squawking about the need for speed…no wait, sorry…the need for calibrating. Skipping it didn’t have an adverse effects for that particular print job but I didn’t want to ignore the message forever.

So when I found one of hose elusive free moments, I ran through the auto-calibrate function. And got told the The Print Plate was not Detected. Since I was staring right at the confounded thing, I knew Marvin was mistaken. I took sandpaper to the plate, since there were an increasing number of divots. I also washed the plate very thoroughly. But alas! neither worked. So I got in touch with support and here’s what they told me.

Clean the sensors and turn off any lights directly overhead, as they may be washing out the sensors.

And wouldn’t you know it, turning the light off worked and the plate, while it didn’t autolevel, detected the plate and allowed me the “fun” of manually leveling the plate.

The Overhead light and the 3D Printer


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