Who Ya Callin’ Yeller?

Our printer/copier/scanner gets a lot of use. So it’s no surprise when a li’l bit o’ maintenance is needed. Like when yellow lines invaded the page:

Yellow streak on the printed page

The resolution is non-non-non heinous (that’s for all you Bill and Ted fans).

1.) Open the front cover

2.) Remove the blue stick. I’m sure it has another name but let’s, a-hem, stick with that one for now…

Toner Cleaning Stick

3.) Stick it in the rectangle below the color that’s misbehaving. Each toner cartridge has a roller below it. This area is where that roller is kept. As an additional check, in the bottom left you’ll see a letter corresponding to the first letter of that color.

4.) Wiggle the stick in and out to scrub clean the roller

Cleaning stick in action

5.) If the stick is stained, like below, wipe it off and repeat steps 3-4 until it no longer has any toner on it.

Toner stained on the cleaning stick

And that’s it!


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