Z-Gap Parameters

Results of Z-Gap Being Too Loose
DISCLAIMER: The text to this post is adapted from a 3D Systems Support ticket.
If you’ve ever tried to print something and gotten a batch of filament spaghetti, here’s what to do.

Go to Set Up -> Calibrate -> Auto Cal.

Auto Cal Menu for Cube 3

For Cal 1, you want to set up the z-gap. The best z-gap is when you can slide through the gap gauge (from your tools) between the print tip and print pad, and you can move it around freely, but it cannot move past the white sticker on the center of the gap gauge.

Printer Gap Gauge

After you get this value for Cal 1, do NOT press the check mark yet.

Instead, press the empty space next to Cal 2. The printer will automatically set Cal2 value and it should range somewhere between -3 and -11.

After this is done, press the check mark to save the new values.

Z-Gap Parameters Menu

Now to go to Set Up -> Auto Level to let the printer run the calibrations.

After Auto Level is successful, proceed to run Auto Gap, and when it shows you the z-gap test it again with the gap gauge.

If the z-gap isn’t right, press ADJUST to set it manually again. If the z-gap is fine, press the check mark to save the value.

So that worked for me. I hope it works for you!


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