Resetting a Hotspot

The library has four T-Mobile Hotspots. They’re big hits because hotel internet access is outrageously pricey. Recently a patron came back from Mexico and said she couldn’t get it to work. Since it’s as simple as turning the damned thing on, connecting to the newly discovered SSID on your phone, and typing in the password taped to the hotspot, there’s not a lot of troubleshooting to do.

I tried to connect an iPad to it but it kept asking me for the password over and over (and over) without connecting. Then I tried my phone and it didn’t ask me for the password repetitively but it didn’t connect, either. Luckily, we kept the default SSID and password, so resetting it wouldn’t wipe out anything. So that’s what I did.

In case you want to do it, here are the steps. Note: this was done with the T-Mobile ZTE Falcon, screens may differ if you’re using a different model.

1.) Plug the hotspot into a computer via the USB cord.

2.) Turn on the hotspot

3.) If it doesn’t automatically prompt you to run the install, go to My Computer (or This PC if you’re using Windows 10) and double-click CD Drive: Mobile Hotspot

This PC Screen showing the TMobile Hotspot installer

4.) Double-click the newly minted Mobile Hotspot Admin icon on the desktop

5.) Log in with the password found above the battery on the hotspot

6.) Click Login

T-Mobile Admin Icon and login screen

7.) Click Settings at the top right

8.) Click Device Settings on the left

9.) Click Reset under the Reset Factory Settings section

T-Mobile Reset Menu

10.) Click Yes to confirm the reset

T-Mobile Hotspot Reset Confirmation

And that’s it! You’ll be logged off of the admin page as it resets. But once it comes back up, see if the SSID is visible and connectable. If is, you’re all set. If not, you’ll want to get in touch with support. If it didn’t work because you were using a different model, please let me know what model you had and how you resolved the issue.





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