Remote WOL and Shutdown

I only have a few hours a week to work on the library’s computers when no one is here.Icon for the power button on computers So it’s proven invaluable to be able to schedule updates, both Windows and Anti-Virus, for Sundays (when we’re closed all day). But in order for the update to be received, a computer it has to be turned on. I’ll give you a moment to pick up the pieces because I KNOW I just blew your mind.

Got ’em? Ok. Onward and upward!

Since I’m not here on Sunday, I needed to also schedule the computers to Wake on Lan (or WOL, hence the title of the post). Computers with newer BIOS versions can handle that. But I have quite a few computers that are anything but new. If you’re in the same boat follow these steps.

Download the Utility

1.) Go here

2.) Click Download Now

Download Now Button for WOLCMD

(I’m skipping some screenshots to keep this post under control)

3.) Click Save

4.) Go to the file, Right-click, and click Extract All to unzip the file.

Create and Edit the Bat File

5.) Move the cmd file to a folder of your choosing

6.) Right-click the white area in that folder

7.) Select New 

8.) Click Text Document 

Menu to create a new text document in Windows File Explorer

9.) Type wol.bat

10.) Hit Enter

11.) Click Yes

12.) Right-click the wol.bat

13.) Click Edit

Changing a .txt file to a .bat file

14.) Type rem computer name

15.) Hit enter

16.) Type WolCmd mac address ip address subnet mask port

Note: To get a computer’s MAC and IP Addresses, open a cmd prompt and type ipconfig /all

17.) Hit ctlr+s to save the changes.

Breakdown of the WOLCMD bat file contents

18.) Repeat steps 14-17 with any other computers you’d like woken up. Making sure to keep the rem and wolcmd commands on their own lines.

Create the WOL Scheduled Task

19.) Click Start 

20.) Type Task Scheduler in the search box

21.) Click Task Scheduler at the top

Searching for the Task Scheduler's App in the Start Menu

22.) Click Create Basic Task…

23.) Type a name for the task 

24.) Click Next

Creating a Basic Task in Task Scheduler

25.) Click the circle next to Daily

26.) Click Next

27.) Specify a time

28.) Click Next

29.) Click the circle next to Start a program

30.) Click NextSpecifics of a Basic Task

31.) Click Browse

32.) Navigate to the bat file you just created

33.) Click Open

Point the task to the bat file

34.) Click Next

35.) Click Finish

Final Two Screens of the Task

And now all the computers specified in the bat file will be WOL’d every morning.

Task Scheduler with new bat file listed

Create the Shutdown Task

36.) Repeat steps 9-13, this time naming the file Nightly Shutdown.bat

37.) Type shutdown /m \\computername /s

38.) Hit ctrl+s to save the changes to the bat file

Shutdown Bat File Contents

39.) Repeat with as many computers as you need to shut down

40.) Repeat steps 22-35, this time pointing to the Nightly Shutdown.bat

That’s all folks! If you try it and it doesn’t work, please let me know. If you know of a better way to do this deed, please let me know that as well!





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