Auto Start FireFox in Ubuntu

Picture of a fox with his tongue stuck on a window

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We use old desktops running Ubuntu for catalog stations throughout the library. If the computer is rebooted, since most folks aren’t familiar with the Ubuntu OS, they don’t know how to open the catalog. So I did some research and found a fast and easy way to open FireFox to the catalog at system startup. Here’s how.

  1. Open a Terminal window
  2. Type cd .config/upstart/ and hit enter

Note: If the directory is not found, you’ll need to type ls –a to show the hidden files first.

Terminal Window Showing CD to the .config/upstart command

  1. Type nano firefox-with-url.conf and hit enter

Note: if you get a permission denied, try typing sudo before nano. Of course you need to have sudo permission to issue that command, so you may need to resolve that before continuing.

Terminal Windows showing how to create a .conf file

  1. Type the following

start on desktop-start

stop on desktop-end

 exec firefox*

*Put the page you want FireFox to load here instead of this

  1. Hit ctrl+X to exit
  2. Hit Y to save the changes and hit enter.

The commands to autostart FireFox in a .conf file.

And that’s it!


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