Intellectual Freedom 101

ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom LogoThis was basically a round-up of ALA offices and other groups that focus on protecting Intellectual Freedom.

Cake cutting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ALA’s Office Intellectual Freedom

  • The Library Bill of Rights came from this office
  • “Freedom means nothing if you choose not to exercise it.”
    • Granted this was said when someone went up for cake but still….
  • Services:
  • When drawing up doc on an issue, every word, every comma, is debated because they want it to be as clear as possible.
  • IFC Privacy Subcommittee last year focused on Practical Privacy regarding the website. As in what can we practically do to help privacy.
  • IF Roundtable is a great way to get involved in ALA ($15/year)
  • Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)
  • Freedom to Read Foundation
    • Separate from ALA
    • They protect 1st Amendment particularly in regard to libraries primarily w/litigation
    • $50/yr
  • The Merritt Fund
  • Nearly every state has an IF Committee or the like
  • Lifelong learning is the very foundation of IF, it’s learning and willingness to ask questions.
  • ALA and Harvard are setting up a national network of librarians for social media users to refer dubious articles to so that the poster or reader can get the tools to vet that info.
    • This is a great opportunity to show peeps that don’t know what the library offers, what libraries offer.
  • Q on how to deal with patrons looking at porn. A: Lots of resources here:



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