Rocking the Small Screen

Screenshot of Final Cut Pro

This session was of interest because I’ve dabbled more recently in video editing. This was a great session for getting guidelines.

Public Library

  • Why make videos?
    • Well, 78% of people are watching them every week. (over 50% every day)
    • Only 4% of people read the manual for anything
    • 44% prefer to watch the video
    • Social media makes videos easier to get to
  • What types?

Check out Topeka’s Youtube or Website for examples of these. Also can use Canva to make a custom thumbnail image

    • Promotional (< 1 min)- show off new service/db/collection etc…
    • Trainer/Explainer
    • News- what’s happening in the library [Side note: should we look into becoming a hubway bike station? One of the news videos Topeka did was on a service like that]
    • Interview (10-15)- authors, staff, community leaders, presenters
    • Storytimes
    • Fun- spoof a song for National Library Week. Make sure there’s a purpose behind the video, though.
    • Series Video- some libs have webshows and create episodes on a topic
    • Unique stuff- 4-edged book aka a book with a drawing on the sides of the pages
    • Social Media Geared (90 seconds Max)- on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc
    • Live Videos- embed a live camera of a fish swimming on the kids webpage or Facebook live. This has actually made it ok to shoot horizontal
  • Best Practices
    • Think about the 1st 15 seconds- start quickly with content, people will click away! No slow transitions or title cards. If needed, make it quick.
    • Goal isn’t the video itself. Goal is to sell the services.
    • Be careful with the Title! Example, David’s Learning How to Play Blues Harp, he was horrible and knew it. While he thought it was funny, people searched for how to learn but he was horrible so they hated the video.
    • Facebook videos that are square get watched more than widescreen. Put words over the screen because the sound is muted by default.
    • Upload the videos to both Youtube and Facebook don’t just upload once and share because each platform customizes the settings,
    • Make sure there’s a team in charge of the videos, it makes it easier.
  • Equipment- use what you have! Phones are ok.
  • Just do It!

Academic Library

  • Personal Interviews with Ref Libs, so that the patrons would know them better and thus be less afraid to approach.
  • Give yourself lots of time, it’ll take longer than you think
    • The longer it takes the tougher it is because getting back into the swing of things makes each edit longer than it would be if you do it all at once.
  • They used a Green Screen (but had a grant so that’s not always an option)
  • They used two cameras, profile and then medium shot and a lapel mic
  • Glasses made it tough because they reflected lights
  • Also with Green Screen, no green or blue or they’ll be washed out
  • Qs in advance, so the interviewee is not caught unawares.
  • Cameras had SD cards so it was easy to put on the computer with the video editing equipment
  • They used Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition
  • Gave it captions for ADA compliance!

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