Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

American Association of School Librarians

My last session on day 1 was one in which I felt like a wee bit of an imposter. It was for the Americal Association of School Librarians, of which I am not. But I don’t feel too bad because I got a great list of resources. And now you have that, too! Not too many notes, though, it was the end of a long day.

Media Sharing

  • – Type in a script and the system will put together an animation show for you. Closed Captions added, too!

Digital Storytelling

  • – Helps students be better writers. A social media service, students peer review each other’s work. Interactive guided process.  “Writing is a social process.” Ages 13-18 and if in the whole time, you’ll have a portfolio of your work.

Creation and Presentation

  • –  Prezi or ppt alternative. Web-based. Contains image library (student geared). Supports QR codes (which can be used as a teaching tool ex: an around the world poster series can lead to reading about more info on each country), too. Can insert video. Can search Youtube and Pixabay without leaving Buncee. Can create tests embedded, too.

Curriculum Collaboration

Content Resources


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