Dr Hayden Panel

Day Two!

This ended up being the first of two misleading sessions. I thought it would be her speaking. Yet, aside from a few comments, it was just her interviewing three other dudes. A bit disappointing but maybe I didn’t take care reading the description of the event. All the same, though, it was great to see her in person.

  • She got a standing O walking out
  • Also on the panel
  • NY– The Power of education can overcome just about any obstacle
  • Chicago– Social Justice is why I got into Libs
  • SF– “Every library, every day” in SF to make sure every lib is open on Sundays
  • Chicago–  circ (even accounting for digital items) is flat or declining, but there’s a marked increase in the # of people IN the physical library itself.
  • NY– We’re in competition for people’s mental activity and we’re losing (TV, Internet, etc)
    • We have to sell, something we’re already doing with our dedicated Marketing Librarian
  • SF– Their dedicated TeenZone (“The Mix”) is a place for them and the libs step out of the way and let the teens own the place.
  • Chicago– We need to find ways to make dedicated spaces for patrons to own and create and learn whether it’s digital media labs, makerspaces, or whatever.
  • SF– after the election put out posters in multiple languages, “All are welcome.”
    • They were one of the first that has a social worker in the library to help
  • Chicago– they looked to see who is using the lib and it crossed everything; class, race, age, politics, everything
    • They want to stay neutral so that everyone is welcome. Present the issues but don’t take sides.
  • NY– Has 5,000 people on a waitlist for coding instruction
  • SF– We’re now in the business of High School diplomas by eLearning
    • Dude who was a lawyer in his home country did this and they help a grad ceremony for him, cap and gown and everything
  • NY— Look for the low hanging fruit. There’s so much we can be doing if we only make the effort
  • Chicago– Finding and providing mentors is very important, staff to staff, patron to patron, or staff to patron
  • Q from crowd: Why are there 3 white men on the stage? Where’s the diversity?
    • SF– They’re starting mentor programs to get everyone the opportunity to get where the white men traditionally have
    • Chicago– They will pay for anyone to go to library school as long as they maintain a B average. Doing this has made their staff more representative of the city.
    • NY– They have 2 of the first non-white women in their history on the board.
  • SF– Pop-up village offers haircuts, showers, beds outside the lib for those who need it.

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