LITA Top Tech Trends

This was a really great session. The speakers were engaging and the topics covered were awesome. That’s not to take away from any of the other sessions I attended, but Tech Trends just happens to be in m wheelhouse.



  • Cloud Computing- Chromebooks to replace traditional PCs. Georgia worked with Google and added print and time management.  More info
      • Q 1: Is it scalable? Google Cloud Computing YES!
      • Q 2: Is it affordable? Dist Charging = No! Very $
      • (@mbreeding) Open Source ILSs haven’t changed the game but have shaken up the game. ABout 12% of pub libs run open source ILSs
      • Uneven Access to technology is a BIG deal.
    • Theme 2- New models of innovation and entrepreneurship
      • (@tmradniecki) Makerspaces – Most cater twd youth, which is usually cheaper, too. Sewing machines can be popular. They have a laser cutter. Multimedia creation is a makerspace offering. So with our DML and 3D Printer and mindstorms we technically have what we need to start. The ability to make prototypes is a huge benefit for entrepreneurs. Some academic libraries are starting to create networks to eval makerspaces and come up with makerspace competencies. When starting a makerspace, make sure you can answer WHY you’re creating it. (@vjpitch): Biggest mistake libraries make: trying to do everything for everyone. We end up doing nothing for anyone.
    • Theme 3- New models for partnership
      • (@ACDH_OeAW) Social Media Outreach- They are designed to have two-way conversations with your community. That makes them a powerful tool. Need to assign enough staff to handle the load. Don’t be so formal! It’s essentially small talk. Don’t just tweet events and stuff. Don’t be afraid of personality. It’s also ok to have different personalities, that will broaden your reach because each person reaches a different staff. We do most of this well, but might want to question the single voice decision.
      • Open Licensing- Open access and licensing are both very important. In a digital space the whole world becomes your potential target, so you need to make sure everyone is able to use what you offer. Creative Commons is a key to success in this area. A license is only useful to potential user if they recognize it. Hence CC. There seems to be a huge fear of open licensing in the US but not the EU.
    • (@vjpitch) eContent Revolution– Focus on Access, content, and experience. (Links to biblioboard collection) Forget signons, use IP authen to allow access. Right now content is being given free for 3 months. Stop the “If you build it, they will come. You should reach peeps where they ARE.” eBooks is a print solution to digital problems. We can’t be afraid to put down services that aren’t being used.
    • Libraries are more guilty of lack of security than vendors. Example, we should run our website on HTTPS. All social media is https, Google is https.

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