Trust & Transparency During Times of Rapid Change

My big takeaway here is the removing of the Ref Desk and make the ref staff mobile. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of the “Meet them where they are” tactic.

  • Customer OutReach and Engagement (CORE) model
  • Take the lib out beyond the 4 walls, take it to the people
    • Upgraded RFID and freed up staff out to other duties (had to shut down lib for a week to roll out tech and train and help staff navigate the changes). Not a single staff member lost a job.
  • Got rid of the service desks (thanks to the RFID) and put in tables, comfy chairs. It removed the barrier b/w staff and patrons. They held a Farewell Party for the desks.
    • Staff feared the patrons wouldn’t need ‘em. It turned out that they’re approached and more ref Qs popped up.
    • Mobile Librarian, a podium on wheels with laptops and printer. Anything they could do on the desk, they could do on the podium.
  • Book = Managing Transitions by William Bridges
    • “Change is external, transition is internal”
    • 3 Phase process
      1. Ending, losing, letting go
      2. The Neutral Zone (this is the crazy time, most anxious, but also most creative)
      3. The New Beginning
  • It’s ok to say “I don’t know”
  • Don’t sell the new thing, tell the staff why things are changing
  • Post all meeting minutes so that there’s transparency for ALL staff, managers to pages
  • Suggestion Ox outside service that allows for anonymous suggestions

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