Asking Difficult Questions

Question Marks over a stick figureI almost didn’t post this one because it can so easily be taken as an indictment to my workplace. But I assure you I love my library. While there are difficulties, it’s nowhere near as bad as I’ve experienced before. That said, I thought this would be useful to add to my stash of knowledge of warning signs. It was.


  • @658point8 @meganegbert @cswarren321
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker
  • #orgculture
  • “Be intentional and address org culture in your library. Address it head on” @kongtemplation
  • “You cannot change the culture alone.”  @cswarren321
  • “It will take longer than you think and it will be more involved than you can possibly imagine.” @cswarren321
  • Common theme seems to be a director that had been there for decades, like 20,30,40 years and now there’s someone new in charge
  • “Lead from where you are.”  @658point8
  • When discussing problems keep in mind you’re trying to serve the patrons. Ask how is this problem affecting them not how it’s hard on you (or other staff)
  • Hold people accountable but do it with compassion. @kongtemplation
  • Ask yourself “What am I doing to contribute to the problem.”  @658point8
  • Here’s how you build trust: you say you’re going to do something and then you do it. @658point8
  • Trust and Performance are inextricably linked. When one is high so is the other and when one’s low, so’s the other.
  • Be the manager you are. AKA if you’re a thinker, think; if you’re a feeler, feel. (Meyers-Briggs style) @cswarren321
  • Bring questions not answers to people with problems. @meganegbert
  • Leadership meeting: “What’s broken? What’s the Rumor?” @meganegbert
  • How do we address the overwhelming whiteness in the field? Talk about it. Talk about all areas of it. Two other ways: Actively fight oppression and create more pressure to solve the issue. (It’s not an answer but it’s a start and you have to start somewhere) @kongtemplation
  • We have to stop just looking at whom is applying for jobs, we have to start ‘em young. Mentor them and pay ‘em to show them they might want to become one. @meganegbert
  • If you’re white be aware of your privilege and act to give others the same privilege you receive. @cswarren321    

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