Curmudgeonly Cartridges

Red PLA Cube 3 Cartridge Disassembled

The longer we have the 3D printer, the shorter my patience grows.

We purchased a Cube 3 back in January of 2015. We actually had to wait for the Cube 3 to come out before getting our printer. We had originally planned on the Cube 2, but since it was being replaced by the 3 in a matter of months and because the 3 allowed us the option of printing in two colors, we decided to hold off and purchase the Cube 3.

We it first arrived , I had a bit of a learning curve but that’s true for any first contact with a technology. I had to learn the ways of 3D printing and was frustrated on more than one occasion, mostly by having to manually level the bed. Mine are not hands that are attuned to fine motor skills. Every so often I’d run into jammed cartridge and got quite adept and taking the cartridges apart and putting ’em back to together. However, now it’s happening to every cartridge every other time we try to print something.

Am I just running into a bad batch of cartridges? Am I not taking good enough care of them? Is it poor design? Is the plastic just simply brittle? I’m not sure what the ultimate cause is.  But what I do know is that I’m looking to buy a new printer and that I won’t buy another Cube 3. I can’t. They discontinued the printer last year. Perhaps that should have been a sign…




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