Tech Docs

Quill pen writing on paperMy ultimate goal is to not be needed.

Alright now that the fatuous fact is out of the way, allow me to ‘splain myself. I’m good with technology but lack the geek cred that comes with being a coder or programmer. I think it’s fitting that I am so interested in the digital divide because I consider myself a bridge of sorts.

I’m technically savvy enough to learn most technologies but I’m also an English major. This means that one of my strengths is documenting a technical process in such a way that even the most devote Luddite can do the deed.

These documents are given to patrons to try in the comfort of their own home. Nothing reinforces new knowledge like getting your hands dirty. So, I wanted to share those documents I have so that as many people as possible may benefit, both patrons and librarians. One note, though, these documents are sometimes specific to my library (e.g. Mineways- Complete Setup) in those cases, you’ll have to tweak it to meet your own needs.

I’ve not run into everything, as I do, I’ll be updating this repository. However, if you have a document that’s missing, and wouldn’t mind sharing, please let me know and I’ll add it.

So here they are: Tech Docs

Additionally, I’ve started a foray into video tutorials, which can be found here:


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